Drum BBQ + Grill Top Rotisserie

We have just introduced a half drum barbecue to our product range.

This barbecue combines perfectly with our grill top rotisserie and/or out spit basket.

Previously, we offered our grill top rotisserie with the compact dual a barbecue, which are well suited to those who need to have a portable barbecue
The new half drum barbecue is more of a permanent fixture in the garden and comes with two grill areas. When using the grill top rotisserie you can use the other half as a traditional grill.
The new half drum barbecue is made of heat resistant, coated steel with chrome grills.


Half drum charcoal barbecue details:

Heat coated steel construction
Chrome grills
Two of cooking areas
Adjustable height cooking grills
Finished inside and out with a heat resistant coating
2 x wheels for ease of movement
Accessory tray

Barbecue Dimensions:

L – 760 mm (30 Inch)
W – 410 mm (16 Inch)
H – 760 mm (30 Inch)

Cooking Area:

350mm x 345 mm (14 inches x 13.5 inch) – per grill.
Total cooking area – 700 (28 inch) x 345 (13.5 inch)

Total Approx Weight

11 kg

Grill Top Rotisserie


The Grill Top Rotisserie sits on top of an existing BBQ grill and as you can see from this picture sits perfectly at one end of the half drum BBQ.
It is made from powder coated, heat resistant steel and is adjustable in length from 450mm up to 553 mm. It is 220 mm wide and 130mm high.
It has a chrome plated skewer and two meat forks and is powered by a 3 volt battery motor, which can handle up to 3.5 kg of meat.
There are also 8 x twin spike kebab skewers.

BBQ Spit Basket


The Spit basket is deal for things like fish, chicken breasts and diced meat – or vegetables. It measures 350mm x 190mm x 55mm and is made from stainless steel and has spring clips to adjust the depth, so that food can be clamped tightly.
This rounds off a combination of products to give you an extremely feature rich barbecue set up and total flexibility.