Cooking with Kebabs

Using Kebab Skewers On Your Rotisserie

Salmon and Coriander with peppers t

Rotisserie cooking is not just about large joints of meat turning on a spit.  Kebab rotisseries enable you to let your imagination go and produce some wonderfully creative dishes. Generally, kebabs take only a short time to cook, compared to the main spit roast.  The picture below shows some salmon cooked with orange pepper, which has been spread with coriander butter. Kebab cooking usually takes place when the main joint is resting.  Either remove some charcoal or push it away from under where the kebab skewers will rest.  You do not need intense heat to produce good kebabs. Do not be confused with kebabs that are bought from a catering van.  Have a look at some of our kebab dishes, by clicking recipes.  TIP:  To secure meat on a kebab skewer place a small piece of potato at either end of the food to be cooked.  Gently squeeze the potatoes (and the food in between) and your food will remain firm on the skewer.