How To Cook The Best BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken is probably next on the list of popular BBQ food after burgers and sausages. And no wonder. It’s easy to use, pretty healthy and does not take long to cook –but you have to get it right. At Rotigrill, we have got some BBQ recipes that just about cover most options, being a mix of taste and convenience.

As we have written before, the thing to remember is that chicken has to be cooked well. In other words, hot coals to bring it up to temperature and then a medium heat to cook it through. Please test your cooked chicken with a probe or thermometer before serving.

Chicken on its own can be tasteless, so it needs some help.  You can start by simply adding seasoning.

Roast BBQ Chicken

Chicken with Lemon

Chicken with Lemon


If you are roasting on a rotisserie BBQ, you have the opportunity of stuffing the cavity and neck. This stuffing need not be the traditional breadcrumb or cereal based stuffing. I often just use lemon segments, which give a delicate flavouring to the chicken, or chopped fresh sage leaves and onion. Also, experiment with some finely chopped herbs and spices. You can make a small slit in the skin by the cavity and spread any herb mixture under the skin.  Try sprinkling chicken OXO over the skin as it rotates. This adds flavour and seasoning.

BBQ Marinades

BBQ Chicken - Pesto Marinade

BBQ Chicken – Pesto Marinade

Marinades are great and whilst you can buy some great products, I always try to make my own. The trick here again is to make a slight cut in the chicken skin (for whole roasts, thighs and legs) and carefully inject or force the marinade under the skin. Once this is done, rub the skin so the marinade disperses. Also, spread the marinade inside the body and neck cavities.  Diced chicken breast is ideal for marinades. One particular favourite of mine is our recipe for Sweet Chilli chicken kebabs.Now leave your chicken over night in a refrigerator and then take it out before cooking, giving enough time for the meat to return to room temperature. Note: Never leave any BBQ meat uncovered. Cling film or foil.

BBQ Sauces

Jerk Sauce

Jerk Sauce

A word about sauces. If you want to cook with a sauce, only apply it for the last few minutes of cooking. A lot of mistakes are made when a sauce is applied and cooks quite quickly. It gives the mistaken impression that the food itself is cooked. Beware! Or, serve the sauce cold as a dip.

And finally, don’t leave your BBQ unattended. Take care of your food and your food will take care of you.

As always, call us for any help or advice on BBQ cooking. 01494 511368.