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Probably The Best Rotisserie BBQ

What BBQ can cook up to 14 kilos on rotisserie spits, 3 kilos on rotisserie kebabs and has a grill area of 500mm x 500mm? The superb Rotigrill XL3 rotisserie bbq. Since its introduction in 2010, the Rotigrill XL has developed into its present version, the XL3. The main feature of this amazing rotisserie BBQ is […]

BBQ boss

Why is it that men do the BBQ cooking?

Here’s a humorous look at what might happen at your typical BBQ. It’s Saturday morning and the BBQ guests will be arriving at about one o’clock for drinks and food is scheduled to be served at around two o’clock. Jim is struggling to wake up following a Friday night session sampling the various drinks that […]


Mother’s Day Treat

No need to take Mum out to lunch on mother’s day. The weather is set fair, so why not make her something different for lunch. Come on folks, let’s make an effort. Don’t sit in an over-crowded restaurant or bake a pie! Get your Rotigrill out and create something special, without being tied to the […]

beef meat cuts

Meat For Your BBQ – A Cut Above

So, which is the best cut of meat for your BBQ? Here’s a short guide as to which cuts work best on your BBQ. Most people are aware that some of the cheaper cuts require cooking for longer than the more expensive cuts of meat. That’s because they are tougher and longer cooking breaks down […]