Burger halves

Burger halves

Burger with melted cheese

Burger with melted cheese

Home made burgers are simply the best!


For 6 burgers

450g Minced Chuck or Blade Beef
100g Onion, blitzed in a blender
1 x Egg, beaten
1 x tsp English Mustard Powder
1 x tsp Oregano
1 x tsp Parsley
½ x tsp Sea Salt
1 x tsp Cracked Black Pepper


1 x tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 x tsp Dark Soy Sauce



Cut any gristle and fat from the meat.  Cut into chunks and run it  through a mincer or blitz in a blender.
Using a large mixing bowl, mix in the dry herbs and seasoning with the beef.
Add the blended onion and egg, and mix thoroughly.  Your hands are often better than a spoon or fork.
Add the sauces (if using) and continue mixing for at least three minutes.
Leave the mixture in the fridge for at least 3 hours or preferably overnight.
When you are ready to cook, divide the mixture into 6 evenly sized portions and press them into round shapes.

Grill to your liking and enjoy!

Eat the burgers on their own in a soft bap or for a treat, a cheesy bap.
You can also add a slice or raw onion, tomato and cheese (melt the cheese as an option).
You might like to add some tangy tomato chutney or a sauce of your choice.

Be careful not to overdo it on the extras as the wonderful flavour of the burger will be lost.
Try once and then adjust the seasoning to suit your taste for the next batch

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