Brined & Spiced Pork Shoulder

Brining takes time plus effort and I’ve heard that pork shoulder tastes better for it, so I decided to test the theory.

Brined and Spiced pork shoulder (1)

This is an account of how the recipe turned out.
Many thanks to one of our customers, Chris Webb for submitting the original recipe.

Brined and Spiced pork shoulder (1)

Please click Brined & Spiced Pork Shoulder to go the full recipe on our web page. A pdf document will be found at the foot of the page if you wish to download a hard copy.

When I first read the recipe, I realised that it had originated in the United States. Giveaways were terms like 1/2 cup, whiskey and quarts. Thank goodness for some excellent converters on google, which enabled me to transform the recipe into metric measurements.

I followed the instructions diligently and I have to say that the sauce mix had some power to it. However, when used sparingly on the meat, it really added something special. All I did was lightly dribble the mixture from a teaspoon.

As the joint was quite large I used 6 litres of water in order to completely cover it. It was left for 10 hours before being taken out. The dry rub mix that was added to the brine had certainly flavoured the meat. The smell was gorgeous.

Having sprinkled the dry rub mix inside the joint, I then attempted to re-roll the joint, at which point I realised that I was not a butcher. This really takes two people and you should use proper cooking twine. I made the mistake of using ordinary string, which broke!

This joint needs to be slow cooked and I took 4 hours. I used one of our XL3 rotisserie BBQ’s and it cooked the meat perfectly (as always). I started by having the rotisserie at a low height, which seals the meat and starts the crackling. I then left it at its maximum height until the end of cooking.
After resting the joint for 20 minutes came the moment of truth! I was stunned at the result. It pulled apart so easily and when my family and friends had finished fighting over it, I got the feedback and it was surprising. Several people said that it was the best pork they had ever tasted.

I’m going to leave you with that in mind. Over to you.