Game For A Cook

Game is wild, natural and free range and if you are looking for something low in fat, game is a delicious and healthy alternative to many other meats. Cooking With Game    Gone are the days when pheasants and venison were kept for special dinner parties. Whatever the occasion you’ll find a great Game-to-eat recipe […]

Roast Beef Meal

How To Cook Roast Beef

There is no doubt that roast beef cooked on a rotisserie BBQ is something to behold. We have developed a recipe for Topside of Beef using brine and a seasoning mix (dry rub). The result is stunning and you can find the recipe here. Here are some tips and advice on which cut to […]

Brined and seasonsed beef

Roast Topside Of Beef (Brined)

A traditional British cut of roast topside of beef, brined and seasoned so that it is really tender. Adding the dry mix enhances the flavour. Ingredients Topside of beef Melted butter Vegetable oil (spray preferable) Brine Prepare per kilogram of meat: 1 litre Cold water 60 gm Salt 40 gm Brown sugar 1.5 tbsp Dry […]

XL3 and Gazebo

Cook Outdoors through Autumn and Winter

You can cook on a rotisserie throughout the year as an alternative to the oven in your kitchen. Using a rotisserie BBQ does not mean that you have to have a BBQ event. Make a difference to your Sunday roast, by cooking it on a rotisserie. The taste difference is just unbelievable. Plus, you can […]

BBQ sausages

How To Cook A Perfect BBQ Sausage

Yes, there is an art to cooking sausages on A BBQ. And grilling is not always the best way. Here we look at how to cook the perfect BBQ sausage. There is no doubt that a BBQ sausage is one of our favourite foods for the cooking on barbecues. So you would think that they would […]