Mulled Wine Glasses

Mulled Wine

The word “mulled” simply means heated and spiced. Many liquids can be mulled – mead, cider, and of course wine. Mulled wine is a traditional favourite in cooler locations, and goes well with the various celebrations that come around the end of the year. Mulled wines have a long history. In medieval times these wines […]

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

Turkey roasted on a rotisserie is so full of flavour and won’t dry out like it can in a conventional oven.    Ingredients 1 free range Turkey Two large onions 1 bunch of fresh Sage Melted butter for baste Method Cut the stalks from the sage and put all the sage inside the cavity. Cut […]

Moroccan Lamb (Mechoui)

Moroccan Lamb (Mechoui)

This Moroccan Lamb (Mechoui) is traditionally prepared using spices and roasting a whole leg of lamb on a rotisserie spit over a fire until the meat is tender enough to pull off the bone. I first mentioned this recipe over two years ago, but having just cooked it again recently, I decided that I’d spread […]


Game For A Cook

Game is wild, natural and free range and if you are looking for something low in fat, game is a delicious and healthy alternative to many other meats. Cooking With Game    Gone are the days when pheasants and venison were kept for special dinner parties. Whatever the occasion you’ll find a great Game-to-eat recipe […]

Roast Beef Meal

How To Cook Roast Beef

There is no doubt that roast beef cooked on a rotisserie BBQ is something to behold. We have developed a recipe for Topside of Beef using brine and a seasoning mix (dry rub). The result is stunning and you can find the recipe here. Here are some tips and advice on which cut to […]