Pork Crackling

How To Get Perfect Pork Crackling

A lot of people will be having a BBQ this weekend and many people will be cooking pork. The nation seems to have a love affair with pork crackling, but an awful lot of them are disappointed with the results. One quite famous chef once commented that the only way to guarantee good crackling is […]


Cooking Kebabs

Fabulous flavours and a short cooking time make cooking with kebabs popular for BBQ’s. In this article, you’ll find some tips to help you get the best results with your kebabs, together with some recipes that you can try. Just click the pictures or links: For our full range of BBQ recipes, please go to […]


BBQ Leftovers

What To Do With Your BBQ Leftovers At the end of a barbeque, you will always have the food left over. Invariably, this will be meat of some kind. A lot of people will immediately think about making a curry, but I remember years ago when my mother used to make rissoles from leftover meat. […]