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Stuffing Made For BBQ Recipes

 Get Stuffed! BBQ Recipes That Are Made For Stuffing  Using “stuffing” is often overlooked as being an excellent way of enhancing flavour. Yes, it takes a bit of time to prepare  it properly, but with a little thought and imagination, they can work really well. And home-made stuffing is so much tastier than using packeted […]

BBQ Chicken

How To Cook The Best BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken BBQ chicken is probably next on the list of popular BBQ food after burgers and sausages. And no wonder. It’s easy to use, pretty healthy and does not take long to cook –but you have to get it right. At Rotigrill, we have got some BBQ recipes that just about cover most options, […]


Greek Lamb & Orthodox Easter

Alternatives to traditional roast lamb in the run up to the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations open up different options on how to serve Greek Lamb to your guests. I was talking to one of our Greek customers this week about Lamb for Easter. When I said that Easter was last week, he informed me that […]

BBQ Recipes

Barbecue food safety

This article on barbecue food safety is an essential read in the run up to our BBQ season. A friend recently returned from a trip abroad with a serious case of food poisoning and I was reminded of reading an article on the NHS website, which had some useful tips for cooking safely when you’re […]