How To Get The Best Results From Your Rotisserie and BBQ

The sun is now with us and the Barbie will start to get some use. However, it’s worth thinking about how to get the best results.

BBQ has been growing in popularity over successive years – even when the summer has not been too brilliant.


Part of that is down to the recession, which meant that people preferred to entertain at home rather than spending money on eating out. Trends have shown that a lot of people are no longer content with burgers and sausages, bought from the “cheap” counter. BBQ cooks have become more discerning – and rightly so. But, you don’t need to be an expert cook to get the most out of your BBQ.

BBQ Grill

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Buy Good Quality Foods
In effect, the traditional BBQ is an outside grill. It can’t do an awful lot more than the grill in your kitchen, but it does provide the motivation to be a little bit more creative. Most “BBQ ready” foods either have a lot of fat or they might be smothered in a sauce, which is predominantly made up of chemicals. Not good news. Try to go for fresh produce and search for good recipes that have been specifically developed for BBQ’s, like ours on our web site.

BBQ and Rotisserie Equipment


Before that though, you need to have the right equipment. Gas BBQ’s are simple and easy, but can be difficult to keep clean. Charcoal BBQ’s give off a much better heat and overall produce a more tasty food offering. You can also add wood chips that do flavour the food a little. We have dealt with brining and smoking in previous blogs and these give fantastic varieties to flavour. You should choose your BBQ carefully (presuming that you are looking for a new one). Buy cheap – buy twice! It’s true. Make an investment when you buy a BBQ. Then look after it and it will last you for many years. You might like to look at our range, which will hopefully give you some pointers.

Marinades and Sauces

We mentioned grilling above. To get the best from your grill, you really need to marinade or add a sauce. But, please don’t overdo it or you will simply lose the taste of the food itself. Subtle flavours that enhance your food are much more enjoyable. For steaks, avoid fillet, which might be expensive, but lacks flavour. Rib eye is the best for BBQ’s.


Sausages are great when cooked on a kebab. Buy good quality. See some tips for this on our web site. They cook evenly and you get a light crispy skin. Delicious! Kebabs also provide a massive amount of cooking opportunities. And remember, kebabs usually only take 10 to 15 minutes to cook, which make them ideal for starters.

Rotisserie BBQ’s


Rotisserie cooked chicken or joints of meat are sensational. They retain their juices, so it’s really hard to dry the meat out. Again, we have some tips on our web site on how best to roast on a rotisserie. We also have some specialist rotisserie BBQ’s that you might like to look at. And please do scroll through our recipe page.

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