Bespoke Built BBQ’s

Many people are interested in building or buying a BBQ as part of their building extension or garden landscaping plans.

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity, BBQ gazebos and cooking huts have become more interesting in their scope and brick built BBQ’s have been around for a long time. The options are only limited by your own imagination and desires. We have supplied numerous bespoke solutions to a range of customers themselves or their builders and landscapers. Often we are able to utilise various components of the rotisseries and BBQ’s that we make ourselves, which we incorporate into the design.

The key to success with bespoke BBQ’s is to arrange a collaborative design between the builder/landscaper and ourselves. Anything is possible; however, bespoke solutions are more expensive than buying a BBQ or rotisserie “off the shelf”. First of all, just give us a call and talk through your thoughts and ideas. We can then tell you what might be feasible and what might be impractical. The next step is to put us in touch with your designer. We will then prepare a proposal and illustrations of our solution. It really is that simple. If you don’t have a designer/landscaper, we can put you in touch with people who we know and have worked with. Some “food for thought.”

Illustrated above is one of our XL2’s adapted to be a fixture inside a BBQ’ hut. The height adjustment mechanism is hidden and the whole thing can be taken out very easily.

Brick Built BBQ_0

This installation needed to be specially made to fit the shape of some building and landscaping that was being carried out. The owner wanted the facility to rotisserie and grill over quite a large area. We supplied the height adjustment mechanism and a specially made skewer to span the cooking space, together with all accessories. If you want to be different and yet still have the facilities of a BBQ and rotisseries, please give us a call – 01494 511368.