Be Safe When Using Your BBQ

BBQ’s are great fun and over the past ten years their popularity has soared. So too have the number of accidents and injuries. Some people forget that BBQ’s involve combustible materials such as gas and volatile fuels like charcoal and wood. BBQ’s also get very hot! A mixture of sun, alcohol, great food and a party atmosphere carries with it some risks.


To see some of the more idiotic and bizarre things that people do, just click this “You Tube” link: “BBQ fails”. Remember, these VT clips are warnings. You will hear some background laughter following some unfortunate who has just set light to themselves or tipped the BBQ over. But what you won’t see are the aftermath of injuries, some serious, that have been sustained.

Some safety tips:

Do not play with your BBQ. It is not a toy.
Keep all electrical cables that power your rotisserie motor away from any heat.
Do not operate a BBQ until you have read and fully understood the operating instructions provided.
When using the BBQ it will get extremely hot, so operate with caution and never touch a BBQ with your bare flesh – it will burn!
Always use an oven glove when handling the BBQ.
Before lighting your BBQ, ensure that it is stood on a level surface away from any flammable items such as wooden fences or overhanging trees.
Ensure that the BBQ is sited away from any areas where children or pets are likely to be playing.
Never use your BBQ indoors (This includes garages and outbuildings).
Do not use petrol, paraffin, mentholated spirits, lighter fuel or any comparable fluid to light or re-light your BBQ.
Once ready to ignite your barbecue, remove all unused fuel and lighting materials to a safe distance from the BBQ before lighting.
Once lit, do not move your BBQ or leave it unattended. Only move it when it has completely cooled.
Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket use in case of any emergency.
Do not throw a bucket of water on to your BBQ to cool it or to kill flares. It will create steam which will burn.
Once the BBQ is lit, do not attempt to touch any parts except the operating handles.

The above are extracts from our safety guidelines for when using our rotisserie BBQ’s. The full version can be found on our web site.

Treat your BBQ with respect and your BBQ will respect you.