How To Cook A Perfect BBQ Sausage

Yes, there is an art to cooking sausages on A BBQ. And grilling is not always the best way. Here we look at how to cook the perfect BBQ sausage.

There is no doubt that a BBQ sausage is one of our favourite foods for the cooking on barbecues. So you would think that they would be the easiest thing to cook. Unfortunately, a lot of sausages are still served cremated or dangerously raw in the middle.

BBQ Grill

BBQ sausages

The main problem when cooking things like sausages is heat control. If you are using a gas barbecue, the technique is no different from that of your kitchen and grill. Don’t have the heat too high and turn the sausages frequently. This sounds so easy doesn’t it, so why is it that at a recent friend’s barbecue, he managed to burn his sausages to a crisp? One of the problems with gas barbecues is that they can ignite the fact the drips from the food, and this is exactly what happened at my friend’s barbecue. The answer is to be patient and not to have the heat so high, as it just melts the fat inside the sausages, which just pours out. The fat is there for a purpose and if sausages are well made that purpose is to enhance the flavour.

Charcoal barbecues have the same problem of heat control. The only way to avoid a similar disaster to that described above is to have things adjustable grill height, as we have on our Rotigrill XL3 rotisserie BBQ.

However, in our opinion. the best method for cooking sausages perfectly has to be the kebab.

Cooking on a Kebab

BBQ Sausage Kebab

Most of our products have a rotisserie kebab powered by an electric or battery motor. The technique is quite simple. Firstly put a small potato for a small potato wedge on to the kebab skewer, and then place the skewer into the sausage long ways. Depending upon the length of your kebab skewer you can now add more sausages (each time with a small piece of potato in between them). Finely the another small potato will potato wedge on to the kebab skewer and then gently squeeze or push the pieces of potato at both ends of the skewer towards the middle, taking care not to squash the sausages. On a Rotigrill XL3 rotisserie BBQ we have adjustable height for our kebab skewers. You can now turn on your rotisserie kebabs and leave the sausages four between five and 10 minutes to cook. This variation in time depends on the thickness of the sausages you are cooking.

If you are using kebabs that are not motorised, you really need to stay in attendance and turn them every 30 seconds to achieve an even cook.

Choosing your Sausage

Another important element of cooking the perfect barbecue sausage is your choice of sausage. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” is particularly relevant for sausages. If you go for cheaper sausages, you will probably get high fat content, lots of cereal and little meat. Go for the best quality Sausages you can get. Most good butchers make their own can I suggest you buy a small quantity and try them before you invite your guests to your barbecue. Some of the major supermarkets also do excellent quality sausages, so always go for their premium range. And finally, for serious cooks you can always try making your own sausages. This was the subject of one of our previous blogs where we included a link to this great site:

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