Rotisserie and Barbecue Products

The Rotigrill product range includes Rotisseries and BBQ’s to suit all needs and applications.

Our “Hog Roast” range includes one version with a cradle type stand for practicality and another with tripod stands for portability.

As an open fire, charcoal hog roaster, they provide your guests with something that gas hog roasters cannot; the site and smell of a whole pig being cooked: “The Theatre Of Cooking”.

The “Lamb Roaster” is a scaled down version of our Hog Roaster design.

Please see the video of our lamb roaster being used and also see some testimonials from members of the public about the level of taste that rotisserie cooking produces.

Our largest bbq is the “XL3″, which can also be used for domestic and commercial use.

It is 1 metre long and stand 1 metre high. It has three fully height adjustable main spit roast rotisseries, plus height adjustable kebabs and mesh grill plus an optional full length bbq grill. This bbq is capable of cooking a suckling pig up to 14 kg in weight.

The Rotigrill “Supreme” is our medium sized rotisserie and is designed to cater for home and garden use.

However, it is also easily dismantled and can be portable.

The “Half Drum BBQ” is a great value product, that combines really well with the Grill Top Rotisserie.

Our Rotisserie Kit fits on to most bbq’s, with the exception of circular products.

It comes with all the necessary mounting brackets.

The “Grill Top Rotisserie” is a non-permanent solution to providing a rotisserie capability to your bbq.

It sits on top of your grill, has a single rotisserie skewer, which is rotated by a 3 volt battery motor. It also has provision for 8 kebabs (not motorised). The Grill Top Rotisserie.

The “DUO” is a twin “barrel” type BBQ, that is ideal for carrying around in your car, motorhome or caravan.

It is small and very neat. It also works very well with the Grill Top Rotisserie. See the video of a DUO working with a Grill Top Rotisserie.

The “Smoker” is made from authentic, heavy duty oil drums,

have a durable heat ristent finsh and are suitable for large BBQ events or commercial use.

All products backed by a 2 year guarantee

Here’s what our customers say:
“The quality exceeded my expectation”
“It has been a pleasure doing business with you”
“I bought a first rate product and have used it many times with first class results”
“Just to say that we had 12 for dinner last night and cooked a sirloin joint, cooked as your website suggested – absolutely fantastic – everybody was very impressed – thanks”