BBQ Food For The Children

So Why Do Kids Have To Have Different BBQ Food Than Adults?

The answer is: they don’t!
We have five grand children and it’s always interesting to see what they eat when they come over for a family barbecue. We also been very interested to see what other people to for younger guests at a barbecue event. The main problem that we came across was one of time in that the adults felt that they had to prepare special food for the children whereas in fact you can include them in the adult menu quite simply.

The trick with barbecue food for younger people is to make it visually interesting and this goes a long way to overcoming any objections that they might have regarding taste. Children often feel quite grown up when they are included in adult activity and in our experience they love to be involved in the preparation for a barbecue. Here are some ideas that you might like to try:



Don’t go for the tinned beans in tomato sauce. Try cooking some haricot or cannellini beans and mix them with our barbecue sauce.



Instead of buying three prepared burgers which contain a lot of fat and sugar, try getting the children involved in making their own with this recipe for barbecue burgers.



A barbecue sauce is also very good with chicken, which you can also introduce some spices in small quantities that everyone will enjoy. Take a look and these recipes: chicken cooked three ways



Sauces can be the death of a barbecue simply because using too much just over power as the natural taste of the food. If you are going to use sauce try to use it sparingly and not on every piece of food so you give the children a variety of food, with the sauce and some food without. It’s a great way to introduce them to the natural taste of a barbecue. This particular BBQ Sauce recipe is a favourite of our three year old grandson. It’s simple and fresh.

Salmon kebabs


Here is a surprise package which I found that our grandchildren really enjoyed. You can cook the salmon with different coloured papers for with pineapple, which we found that they really loved.

The essence of this article is to think “outside the box” and don’t be tempted by cheaper and quicker alternatives, rather than variations with natural foods.