How To Cook BBQ Fish

BBQ Fish

Mention the word BBQ fish to most people and they will probably give you a weird look! Most people think of burgers, sausages and chicken drumsticks, or in our case with rotisserie BBQ’s, roasted meats. And make no mistake; all of those foods are absolutely delicious. However, to add variety to your BBQ menu, either as a main course or starter, why not try out some BBQ fish.

All of our BBQ’s and rotisseries come with a BBQ grill. The XL3 rotisserie bbq also has the option of a large, heavy duty BBQ grill that is ideal for bigger BBQ events.


Tuna and Anchovy seared

For a starter or main course try “Seared Tuna with Anchovies”. This simple, yet very special dish involves inserting anchovy fillets into tuna steaks, brushing them with garlic butter and then grilling them over a high heat for a short time. The saltiness of the anchovy really complements the fresh and clean taste of the tuna, without ever overpowering it. We serve this with a “Spinach and Orange” salad. Without exception, our guests have been stunned by the flavour and simplicity of this meal.

Tuna tangy kebab

Staying with Tuna, but this time cooking them on kebab skewers, we have a “Tangy Tuna” recipe, which involves marinating the tuna in garlic, ginger and soy sauce. The kebab consists of the marinated tuna, slices or red and yellow pepper and chopped coriander.


Salmon and pepper kebabs

Salmon is a delicate fish which we have found to be very popular at our BBQ’s. We cook them on kebabs. It’s very simple, you just cut salmon fillets or steaks into cubes, thread them onto the kebabs in between slices of yellow or red pepper. A really interesting alternative is to intersperse the salmon cubes with chunks of pineapple. This seemingly unusual combination is absolutely delicious. For both recipes, chop some coriander leaf and add it to some melted butter. Brush the kebabs with the butter and cook for a few minutes.

Tip: When cooking with kebab skewers place a small piece of potato (with the skin) at both ends of the kebab and then gently squeeze them towards the middle. This helps to prevent soft tissue food like fish from spinning on the skewer.

White Fish


BBQ fish is most successful with the meatier types of fish. The softer, more delicate types of fish are better pan fried, which can still be done over your BBQ coals. With some white fish like Monkfish all you need to do is brush it with melted butter and season to taste. Grilling normally takes only a few minutes on each side of the fish. Overcook fish and it dries. To test whether it is cooked, prick it with a kebab skewer and if the flesh is soft, it’s cooked. People often forget that white fish is really enhanced by cooking over BBQ coals.


Chimichurri sauce with fish

Chimichurri sauce with fish

Seafood, particularly prawns, taste really great when cooked on a kebab. You can just add a squeeze of lemon and some seasoning or go for a big flavour like Jambalaya Prawns. Either way, you’ll surprise yourself with how good they are.

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