Make A Cocktail For Your BBQ

In hot weather, with the smell of all that lovely BBQ food being cooked, what better way to give your outdoor event a lift than with a colourful, tasty cocktail.

One note on safety (always necessary). Both these cocktails can be served in plastic glasses without affecting the taste. This is often a wise move when there are lots of people milling around, children playing etc…
Save time to enjoy your BBQ, by using a rotisserie, which you do not have to stand over during cooking. Enjoy the time with your guests. Also, please take a look at our BBQ recipes. Here are two gorgeous cocktails. One a firm favourite in Rotigrill territory and the other totally topical.

Captain’s Cocktail


This recipe comes from the island of Rhodes. We came across it when visiting the captain’s bar and the captain himself, who spoke rather like Harry Enfield’s character Stavros, used to clip his words. So the captain’s cocktail became the captain’s cock! Be careful with this one as it is so tasty that it is easy to drink too quickly.:
Half fill a large glass with ice cubes
Add two slices of fresh orange
Fill a third of the glass with good quality vodka
Fill the next third of the class with lemonade or tonic water*
Fill the final third of the glass with freshly squeezed orange juice
Add a dash of Grenadine for colour
Mix the contents of the glass with a cocktail stick
*For a sweeter version use only the lemonade
*For a sharper taste, use only the tonic water


© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

With the World Cup well under way, it would seem bad form not to try a traditional Brazilian cocktail.

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. The name means “country bumpkin” – it’s wonderfully refreshing and as you would imagine, is designed to be enjoyed in the sunshine.
Take one 400ml glass
Cut a wedge of lime into 12 small pieces
Crush the lime pieces into a pulp, then add 20ml of fresh lime juice. The amount of fresh lime pieces you use will alter the flavour/ tartness
Add 25ml ordinary white sugar.
Add crushed ice to fill the glass
Add 50ml of good Cachaca.
Churn all ingredients thoroughly to ensure even distribution
Top with more crushed ice
Garnish with a fresh lime wedge