BBQ Chicken – The Nation’s Favourite.

BBQ Chicken is probably our favourite food for cooking on a BBQ.  Here we look at some of the many different ways to serve chicken, together with links to BBQ chicken recipes.

You can roast it, grill it, marinade it, add sauces to it, nugget it and ruin it!  But whatever you do to it, please make sure that it is thoroughly cooked.  That’s not just a nag, it is essential to avoid food poisoning. Black on the outside and raw in the middle is a disaster.

Roasting a chicken on a rotisserie is something that we know a lot about and for about the same time as it takes to cook a chicken in a kitchen over (about 90 minutes), you can have the most tasty and moist chicken you have ever tasted. Please check out these links for some recipe ideas:

Lemon Chicken 2

Thai Chicken

Ginger chicken

For some general advice and tips on rotisserie cooking see our advice page, particular read the section “Tips For Cooking On A Rotisserie”.

If you are grilling chicken, do not have the coals (or gas) too high. Be patient and cook the meat through. If you want to crisp or darken the skin, then turn the meat up at the end.  The same applies to sauces.  Cook your meat first, then add the sauce and cook for a little while longer until the sauce is warm.  Adding sauce too early can burn it, which creates a bitter taste. Our barbecue and jerk sauce recipes (all home-made) add some real punch to BBQ chicken.


Jerk Sauce

Cooking with kebabs gives you the opportunity to use chicken breast chunks or whole chicken breast, to which you can add a marinade or other ingredients to bring out the flavor.  Here are two ideas that work beautifully:

chicken in prosciuto


Chicken is a wonderfully versatile product, but has a more delicate texture than red meats, so treat it kindly and it will pay dividends.