A New Year – Make it a Barbecue Year.

Happy New Year.

We hope that you had a great barbecue Christmas. We certainly did. As our youngest daughter produced a beautiful granddaughter just before Christmas, Handling a full family Christmas was a bit much to ask, so I was invited to her house to cook Christmas Dinner for eight people.

Turkey 2015

Out came her trusty XL2 rotisserie BBQ (veteran of many barbecue’s) and I put up one of our Pop up Gazebos as a few showers were forecast. (Which did materialise).
I followed my own recipe diligently and produced the most amazingly moist, tender turkey that was so full of flavour. I had added my own home made sage and onion stuffing. You can actually use our Christmas Turkey recipe to cook chicken on your rotisserie.

I can’t help it, but cooking on one of our rotisseries just gets me going. I also can’t help thinking about those poor people who suffered so badly with flooding since early December.
I hope that as the weather improves, that they can have a barbecue in their communities. It’s a great way to get together, enjoy some good food and look towards the future. Many BBQ’s will have no doubt been destroyed, so if there is a group or charity that would like to organise a BBQ event, but hasn’t got a decent BBQ give me a call on 01494 445268 and I’ll send them a rotisserie BBQ (must be before 31st January please – only one BBQ available, so first come first served). You can feed 60/70 people easily.

For those people who luckily haven’t suffered flooding, but nevertheless have had enough of this dull, damp period, then get the barbecue out, give a good clean and get cooking. There’s nothing like it (plus a few drinks) to lift the spirits.

If you’ve followed my previous advice, you will have sprayed your barbecue with WD40 at the end of last summer, so all you have to do is wipe it clean and away you go. If you find your BBQ still greased up and a bit rusty, there’s still hope. To remove burnt grease try a one to one mixture of white wine vinegar and water. Soak a rag in the mixture and place it or wrap it onto the offending hour. Leave it for an hour and then wipe off. The grease should have surrendered! Rust can be awkward but there are plenty of anti rust treatments around. But if it’s gone too far, throw it out as it can be unsafe. Then take a look at some of our great offers in our Winter Sale.

Winter Sale

As always, if you need help or advice on any aspect of rotisserie or BBQ cooking, please give us a call.