Barbecue Planning

BBQ Food

Barbecue Food

Barbecue planning starts with providing the right food.

Nowadays, when barbecue planning, people are more aware of food allergies and many people have specific, chosen diets, vegetarian, gluten free etc. Of course, it’s entirely up to you as to whether you cater for minorities. Most fresh food (meat, fish and poultry) will not contain any nasties and vegetarian food such as sausages and quorn burgers are now freely available.

Where you need to be careful is when using marinades and sauces. In our blogs I have long been an advocate of making your own sauces and marinades. Only by doing so can you control what goes in them. Pre-packaged, shop bought items will almost certainly contain additives and preservatives, which should be avoided. They will also be high in salt and sugars.

Other considerations when planning include the weather and how to entertain the children.


Gazebo 24

If you’re expecting some iffy weather for your barbecue, you can use a simple gazebo, unless a hurricane is forecast. It does enough to keep your food protected from most showers. We sell a range of gazebos and marquees that will do the trick.

Chimineas Fire Pits

For those cooler evenings while you’re relaxing with your guests, how about a chiminea or fire pit. These are easy to use and are best when used as a log burner. They give out a terrific amount of heat and are much more efficient than gas patio heaters.


Connect4 Archery Hopscotch

And finally, here’s how to eliminate having the kids running throughout the house, terrorising the cat and treading in dropped food into your nice new carpet! Give them something to do. We’ve got some really great garden games that will keep them occupied for hours (if you can keep the Mums and Dads off them).

Forget the snow and cold winds. Think ahead and start barbecue planning now.

As always, please call us for help and advice with your BBQ. 01494 511368.