Add A Rotisserie To Your BBQ

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked is how to  add a rotisserie to your BBQ .

This is an excellent alternative to buying a new, purpose built rotisserie BBQ, before your existing BBQ is ready for replacement. There are two options: a permanent fixture or a temporary arrangement.

Rotisserie Kit

Rotisserie Kit

For a permanent solution, there are a range of rotisserie kits available. The type that we supply is fully adjustable and will fit most BBQs. Whether your particular BBQ is suitable depends on a number of factors. It will need to have flat ends to take the rotisserie brackets. If you have a gas BBQ, it will probably already have holes drilled in both ends to take brackets and a recess in the hood to fit over a rotisserie skewer. With charcoal BBQ’s, it is essential that you have some means of moving food away or towards the charcoal. This either means a height adjustment mechanism on the rotisserie kit itself or adjustable charcoal shelves.

Grill Top Rotisserie

For a non permanent way to  add a rotisserie to your BBQ, we supply a “grill top rotisserie”. This is a free standing unit, powered by a battery motor that simply lifts on or off your existing grill. Be aware that a gas BBQ has to have a lid in order to generate enough heat to rotisserie successfully. A charcoal BBQ is much easier to adapt and delivers much better results.

Brick Built BBQ_0

If you are planning to build a brick BBQ, then think about having a rotisserie as part of your design. We have supplied several people recently with bespoke solutions for their brick built BBQ’s. If you already have a brick built BBQ, having a rotisserie should not be a problem. We provide a free consultation and design service.

When choosing which type of rotisserie to fit, you need to think about what you might be cooking. For general use with chickens and roasting joints, a standard rotisserie kit will probably work fine. If however, you are thinking about something heavier, like a suckling pig, several roasting joints or a whole lamb, then this needs to be taken into account.

We always recommend that you send us some pictures or a plan of your BBQ, so that we can offer best advice as to the type of fitment you require: [email protected]