The BBQ That Does Just About Anything – The Rotigrill XL3

Our Rotigrill XL3 BBQ and rotisserie is often an unsung hero that delivers amazing results.

BBQ Rotisserie XL3

I would say that wouldn’t I? So, here’s what our customers say:

“I took delivery of an XL3 in January and managed to put it together this weekend. WOW what a BBQ this is. Looks good on the website, but amazing ‘in the flesh.”

“Just to say that we had 12 for dinner last night and cooked a sirloin joint – cooked as your website suggested – absolutely fantastic – everybody was very impressed – thanks.”

“I bought the BBQ XL3 for my husband’s 40th birthday and he is now addicted to BBQ rotisserie cooking. We have tried pork, turkey, beef, lamb, the best lemon chicken ever and even a whole suckling pig! Once you rotisserie you will never go back!”

The XL3 rotisserie BBQ is currently at its lowest price – but only for a couple more weeks.

Many people will be looking to replacing their BBQ. Having had a few dismal summers, we’re hoping for better things this year. It’s actually a sunny day today – remember those?

Instead of looking at simple grills, why not treat yourself to something that will do just about anything and is robust, so will last a good few years.

Rotisserie BBQ XL3 loaded

Rotisserie BBQ XL3 loaded

The Rotigrill XL3 has three main rotisserie skewers powered by a powerful electric motor. These have a unique height adjustment mechanism, which enables you to cook things just right.

Lebanese Lamb Kebab

Lebanese Lamb Kebab

There are also seven smaller kebabs, powered by a strong battery motor and people who have used the kebabs will testify how well the food is cooked. The beauty with kebabs is that food is cut into smaller pieces, so you can use all sorts of marinades. Cooking time is short, so you can keep reloading if required to suit the number of people who turn up.

BBQ Grill Mesh

BBQ Mesh Grill

And finally there is a 500mm x 500mm mesh grill for things like burgers. I often use it to cook sauces in pans and trays of onions.

Both the kebab rack and mesh grill are also height adjustable.

If you need any help or advice about buying a new BBQ, please call us on 01494 511368.