10 Ways Make A Party Out Of Your BBQ

We all love a party and we all like dressing up (well, not everyone perhaps).

Why not get a theme going for your BBQ event this summer, which will make it really fun and memorable for your guests. Here are 10 themes you might like to consider:

Caribbean Party.preview

Rum Cocktail

1). Caribbean

If you know a steel band, get them along. Put a Suckling pig on your rotisserie, add plenty of chicken with jerk seasoning, tropical shirts, hoola skirts etc…..and rum cocktails (but be careful).

Arabian Tent

2). Arabian Nights

Volunteers for belly dancing (hilarious) . Arabian costumes. Kebabs, marinated ribs, Arabic dress and music, tents. Eat from a communal spread of food, laid out on a carpet.

Beach party

3). Beach party (pool).

If you don’t have your own outdoor pool, use a portable kiddie’s pool for effect. Swimwear, beach balls, pool games, beach games, burgers, sausages and chicken drummies. Loads of sauces.

Pimms Cocktail

4). Cocktail garden party.

This is the posh one. Party frocks, blazers, and boaters. BBQ’d lobster, prawns, exotic salads and loads of champagne and/ or Pimms. If you can afford a traditional jazz band, then go for it.

Medieval Banquet

5). Medieval BBQ

Rough and ready. No metal cutlery. Rotisserie cooked pork and chickens. Lords, squires, wenches and peasants. Tankards of real ale, wine in goblets, jesters and minstrels.

Christmas Santa

6). Summer Christmas

Pressies all round. Lucky dips, mystery gifts, Santa! And roast turkey with all the trimmings. Cooked on a rotisserie BBQ of course.

Wild West Party

7). Wild West

Ribs and steaks. Plenty of beer. Bucking horse, lasso challenge, horseshoe quoits, quick on the draw (pencils and paper version). Country and western music.

Arabian Tent

8). Mexicana

Loud and bright! Guacamole, corn on the cob, hats, mariachi band. Lots of chilli beans and plenty or pork and beef.

Sports Theme

9). Sport

Traditional bbq, but themed with humour. Example: Wear green, with a piece of plastic fencing around your waste – you are: The Irish Fencing Team! Jolly hockey sticks, American football, the choices are endless.


10). European Fiesta

Dress up from around Europe costumes. Prepare European food. Move around Europe by serving dishes and drinks from one particular country or area – and then move on to another. All announced by relevant musical introduction (or event a dance)