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Rotisserie BBQ

A rotisserie BBQ is a fantastic addition to your home cooking equipment.  Apart from being able to roast, take a look at our XL3 product, which also has motorised BBQ kebabs and a 500mm x 500mm BBQ grill.  Just about the most complete BBQ you’ll ever own.  We also have a range of smaller BBQ’s, rotisserie accessories, marquees/gazebos, chimineas/firepits and some great garden games that keeps the young ones entertained.

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Rotisserie, BBQ XL3


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PIGROAST, and Hog Roast 

Make Your BBQ Different

At Rotigrill, we have been on a journey that began from a simple interest in food.  By chance, we came across a rotisserie being used and had the pleasure of enjoying the fantastic tastes of the food that it produced.  Along the way, we have learned a lot.  One of the more interesting facts that we uncovered was that roasting is done over an open fire and baking is done in an oven.  So, your traditional roast beef might well be “baked” beef.  Numerous chefs have confirmed that the rotisserie process definitely produces a more intense taste, coupled with tenderness and moistness.

Surprisingly, it isn’t difficult to cook some really exciting food, rather than burgers, sausages and chicken drummies.  Take a look at some of our original BBQ recipes. That little bit of extra time can make your BBQ really special.  Think about using some marinades to produce some stunning BBQ kebabs. Make your own BBQ burgers with this recipe and see what your guests say about them.