Barbecue Recipes

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BBQ and Rotisserie Recipes

These are recipes that we have developed and tested specifically for your rotisserie and barbecue.  Enjoy them.  The list of recipes is on two pages. The list is by category, then within each category are the recipes. They are free to download - just click on the pdf icon attached to each recipe. We have found that the rotisserie cooking process enhances natural flavours, therefore the need to employ complicated marinades is less important than if you were using a bbq grill. You will be amazed at how much better your food tastes from a rotisserie bbq.  Even the cheapest chicken stays moist and flavoursome, so try our range of chicken recipes. If your used to cooking Roast Beef, Roast Pork or Roast Lamb in an oven, you must try a rotisserie bbq. Barbecue cooking retains all those precious meat juices and flavours.


Someone said to us, "Why put a salad recipe on your web site"? Simple - when we tried it, we were amazed at how well it worked with a variety of rotisserie recipes. "Pear and Roquefort". Give it a try, as it sets your mouth alight with flavours.


Crackling to die for!  

You won't be disappointed - just follow our pork recipes and tips for the perfect crackling.  A famous chef recently stated in a well known food magazine that the only way to get perfect crackling was to remove it and cook it under or on a grill. Whether you're cooking a hog roast, suckling pig or a roast pork joint on a rotigrill, you can achieve perfect crackling. "Crackling to die for" are not our words, but those of a rotigrill owner.


BBQ Sauces

Technically, if you are using bbq sauces, they only need to be added during the last 15 minutes of cooking on large rotisserie skewers. For kebab cooking; this is where you can enjoy making your marinades and sauces as the cooking time is fairly short.


If anyone has any BBQ recipe suggestions, we would like to hear from you.