Hog Roaster (portable with tripod stands).

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List Price: £1,099.00
Hog Roaster
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This Rotigrill hog roaster is a great value charcoal barbecue type pig rotisserie. Strong and portable, this it is ideal for any pig roast event.

Made in the UK.

Great value. You won't find anything of this quality for such a good price.

See a video about the Rotigrill Hog Roasters

Great results every time!

Be the centre-piece of the wedding or hospitality event and see how many guests ask you to cook for their own event!

Get your golf club, sports club, social club or church group to invest in one. The profits that can be made are substantial. Or simply enjoy the experience for yourself, your family and your friends.

Because of its portability, the rotigrill "Hog Roaster" can be used in remote locations (such as a shoot), where mains power is not available. It can run off a generator and be fixed to soft ground (the feet  have holes to take large ground pegs).

This hog roast machine is economical on charcoal. The fire tray is non vented and makes for a slow burn and a terrific heat envelope in which to cook your pig roast.

Specification: (see full specification or down load the pdf document at the bottom of this page)

This model has the following specific features:

  • Breaks down into components for ease of transportation
  • Tripod Uprights (feet have holes for pegging to soft ground)
  • On/off switch

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