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Hog Roasters
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"XL3" - Large
More Info - XL3 Large Rotisserie BBQ Grill
charcoal BBQ
DUO - A small, portable, charcoal BBQ with a twin grill
Lamb Roaster
Rotisserie BBQ
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Supreme BBQ
Greek style
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Half Drum
Oil Drum BBQ
Grill Top
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Barbecues and Rotisseries:

From a small, portable bbq to a Hog Roaster,  we will have something that will suit your needs. If you are looking for a barbecure replacement, then look no further than a rotigrill.  All models (except the Hog Roaster) feature a bbq grill, in addition to the main spit roast and kebab skewers. Or, your existing barbecue can be enhanced in two ways. If you have a gas grill for example, you might consider buying one of our products to run alongside it. Alternatively, you could add a rotisserie kit to your exsiting barbecue. For advice about the use of a rotisserie, please call us.

Rotisserie Cooking:

If you are looking for tasty, moist, and perfectly cooked barbecue food, then try a rotisserie. Rotisserie cooking also adds a new dimension to barbecue'sAll that lovely preparation can be ruined if the food is not cooked properly.  We have all probably experienced chicken that is black on the outside and raw in the middle. Rotisserie cooking eliminates that problem and produces thoroughly cooked food. Lamb, beef, pork or chicken cooked on a rotisserie will taste very different from when they are cooked in an oven. Apart from being cooked through, meat retains its natural juices, which creates that wonderfully enhanced flavour.  Rotigrill products provide total flexibility including roasting on the rotisserie, cooking with kebabs or the traditional BBQ grill. Even when using the grill you can achieve really good results, due to the height adjustment facility.

Hog Roaster:


A hog roast event is the bbq equivalent of theatre.  The site and smell of a pig cooking on acharcoal hog roaster is captivating.  Our open fire hog roaster, produces a much better flavour than you will get from a gas hog roast machine.  Also, the crackling is just superb. Also, why cover up your spit roast inside a steel canister, when you can treat your guests to the site and smell of a traditional hog roast.  Our hog roaster is made in the UK, to high standards.  The rotisserie motor is extremely strong and durable.  The maximum recommended weight is 60 kilograms, which will feed around 100 people. With costs for hiring in people to produce your hog roast event, it is worth doing to sums for buying our hog roast machine. Perhaps, buy it between a group of friends, or suggest it to your club or social group. It can pay for itself within two events.

Rotisserie Recipes:

Please take a look at our truly wonderful bbq recipes. It's amazing what you can create on a rotisserie and you are not limited the the main spit roast skewers.  Marinades for kebabs turn ordinary food into something quite stunning.  And they only take a few minutes to cook.  We also have receipes for salads.

Product Guarantee:

All Products are covered by a comprehensive guarantee (See terms and conditions for details)


We also have a range of bbq accessories that are designed to offer further flexibility and enhancement to your bbq cooking.


Create the theatre of an "open fire" cooking event. Our Hog Roast machine and the "XL" are used for commercial catering for events where you are cooking for a large number of people. They are also popular with sports clubs, church groups and other associations, where the cost of the bbq equipment can be shared.